Brief history of Bangladesh Theatre:
The drama of the Orient, that is drams of India China, and Japan, as we all know, remained almost utterly unknown to western stage until the early part of the nineteen century. But there is clear evidence when once it became know, the Occident immediately borrowed the device of the revolving platform from Japan. On the other hand, though the tradition of Sanskrit Drama took its rise in India during the centuries the West style the Middle Ages, right from the middle of the nineteenth century the idea of the proscenium stage was introduced in this subcontinent by the English. From then on Bangladesh, lying within the geographical territory, started imitating British Theatre, both in its form and content and the modern Bangla plays are still following the theatrical legacy of England. The history of drama also indicates that during the later part of nineteen century there used to be a quite a number of armature as well as performances of plays in different parts of what is now known as Bangladesh.

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